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蓼食う虫も好き好き (Tade kuu mushi mo suki zuki):

蓼食う虫も好き好き (Tade kuu mushi mo suki zuki):

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七転び八起き (Nanakorobi yaoki): "Fall down seven times, get up eight." - A proverb about perseverance and never giving up.
猿も木から落ちる (Saru mo ki kara ochiru): "Even monkeys fall from trees." - A saying about how everyone makes mistakes, no matter how skilled they are.
三人寄れば文化の話 (San'nin yoreba monogatari): "When three people gather, talk turns to tales." - This proverb emphasizes the human love for storytelling.
蓼食う虫も好き好き (Tade kuu mushi mo suki zuki): "There are even bugs that eat knotweed." - This means that different people have different tastes.
渡る世間に鬼はない (Wataru seken ni oni wa nai): "There are no demons in the world." - It means that people, despite seeming scary or mean, are usually not as bad as they seem.
覆水盆に返らず (Fukusui bon ni kaerazu): "Spilt water will not return to the tray." - This proverb means that what's done is done, and there's no use crying over spilt milk.
知らぬが仏 (Shiranu ga hotoke): "Not knowing is Buddha." - This saying conveys that ignorance is bliss.
花より団子 (Hana yori dango): "Dumplings rather than flowers." - This proverb means that practical things are more valuable than aesthetics.
釘抜けても茶碗の裏 (Kuginukete mo chawan no ura): "Even if the nail sticks out, it's on the underside of the teacup." - It means that it's okay to have flaws that aren't apparent.
案ずるより産むが易し (Anzuru yori umu ga yasashi): "Giving birth to a baby is easier than worrying about it." - This means that worrying about something is often worse than the actual event.

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