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Business Meetings (Most Wanted) Poster #3

Business Meetings (Most Wanted) Poster #3

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Most Wanted (Business Meeting) Poster 


100 Max to be Sold

Canvas Print

  • 32" × 44"
  • Black Frame
  • Black Border

1. **Rooms to Doors in Buildings (3D Spatial Aspect):**
- In a traditional sense, spatial relationship between rooms and doors within a building. Rooms, existing in three spatial dimensions, are interconnected by doors that provide access within the building. This represents the conventional understanding of architecture in three-dimensional space.

2. **And Buildings to Rooms with Doors (4D Temporal Aspect):**
- Taking a 4th-dimensional perspective, symbolize the temporal aspect, suggesting a dynamic relationship over time. Buildings, as entities evolving through time, are connected to rooms through the doors that signify transitions or changes.  Imply a narrative of development or transformation within the building over time, where the doors represent gateways to different temporal states of the structure.

In a higher-dimensional conception, you might abstractly think of the rooms and doors as elements of a dynamic, evolving structure existing not only in three spatial dimensions but also changing over time in the 4th dimension. The doors serve as portals facilitating transitions between different states or phases of the building.

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