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Most Wanted Orange šŸŒ¹

Most Wanted Orange šŸŒ¹

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Orange roses bloom, in the light of the dawn,
Like love's first blush, in the heart it is drawn.
They speak of desire, and of passions ignite,
Of a love that burns as bright as sunlight.

Orange roses unfurl, vibrant and bright,
Like the joy of love, taking flight.
They symbolize fascination, and feelings so deep,
Of a love that promises, in hearts to keep.

Orange roses in bloom, under the midday sun,
Speak of a love that's playful and fun.
They whisper of warmth, and of dreams come true,
Of a love that's as radiant as their hue.

Size guide

Ā  LENGTH (inches) CHEST (inches) SLEEVE LENGTH (inches)
S 27 Ā½ 36-39 18 Ā½
M 28 Ā½ 39-42 19 Ā¼
L 29 Ā½ 42-45 20
XL 30 Ā½ 46-49 20 Ā¾
2XL 31 Ā½ 50-53 21 Ā½
3XL 32 Ā½ 54-57 22 Ā¼
4XL 33 Ā½ 58-61 23
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